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Boeing BBJ

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is a long range corporate jet development of the Next Generation 737-700 airliner. The BBJ has a number of additional fuel tanks that extend the aircraft's range up to 6000+ NM. The large cabin permits a number of different zones for working, dining and relaxing.

The cabin, entirely customizable, is generally divided in 5 zones: welcome/crew area, TV lounge, dining table, master suite and fully equipped bathroom. There are a lot of other existing configurations available, with varying number of seats, depending on your needs. From Small groups of VIP to bigger groups of all business class. 


The BBJ has extende Fuel tanks giving you the freedom to fly intercontinental for example Moscow to Miami or Paris to Mauritius.

16 - 56 Passengers

Multiple Flight Attendants



Hot Food

Varies depending configuration

Max Range 10 Hours 

Cabin Height 2.13m / 7 ft

Cabin Width 3.50m / 11.5 ft

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