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Global Air Ambulance Services:

Ready for Lifesaving Missions

Fast, reliable and confidential emergency and non-emergency medical air transportation

Air Medevac

At Jetvice, our air ambulance charters offer unparalleled global reach and flexibility, ensuring we're prepared for your urgent medical transport needs around the clock.


Our fleet is at the ready for immediate deployment, providing critical care air transport with the speed and efficiency that emergency situations demand. Whether it's for rapid medical evacuation, inter-hospital transfers, or a specialized medical escort, our air ambulances are a beacon of hope for those in need of immediate, professional medical flight assistance.

Each Jetvice air ambulance is a state-of-the-art sanctuary of health, equipped with life-saving medical equipment such as portable life support units, ECGs, stretchers, emergency medication, and advanced cardiac life support systems. We bridge the critical time gap with care that starts from the moment of embarkation.

For those critical scenarios where medical care cannot wait, Jetvice is your trusted partner in the skies. Our commitment is to provide swift, compassionate, and expert medical flight services, 24/7. For dedicated air ambulance charters, reach out to us at—because every life counts, and every second matter.

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