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Frequently Asked Questions about Flying with Jetvice

How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

The cost of private jet charter varies depending on factors like aircraft type, distance, and duration. Our executive jet hire services offer tailored luxury at competitive prices.

What types of aircraft are available for charter?

Our fleet includes diverse options: from light jets to Ultra long range jet charters, ensuring your travel solution matches your needs for luxury and comfort.

Is it more cost-effective to charter a private jet compared to buying one?

Chartering is often more cost-effective than ownership, providing the luxury of business aviation without the high upfront costs. Our private jet rental delivers value without compromise.

How far in advance should I book a private jet charter?

Booking in advance is advisable, typically a week to a few weeks prior. Experience on-demand aviation without sacrificing flexibility, as last-minute charters are available.

Can I choose the departure and arrival airports?

Yes, our VIP jet services offer the freedom to select departure and arrival airports, including exclusive access to smaller, less congested options.

Are there any luggage restrictions when chartering a private jet?

Our private aircraft rental comes with generous luggage allowances, ensuring your convenience and comfort throughout the journey. However light jets do have limited space for Luggage. Our team will be happy to advice you on this.

Do private jet charters offer in-flight catering and amenities?

Elevate your journey with our premium air charter services, featuring customizable in-flight catering and amenities designed to indulge your senses.

How many passengers can a private jet accommodate?

Our private jets accommodate varying passenger capacities, ensuring luxury and comfort for groups ranging from 4 to 20+ travelers.

What's the process for clearing customs when traveling internationally on a private jet?

Our exclusive air travel solutions include streamlined customs procedures, ensuring seamless international travel experiences for our clients.

Is there flexibility in changing the travel schedule after booking?

Flexibility is key in our personalized flight services. We strive to accommodate changes to your travel schedule whenever possible, maintaining the essence of on-demand aviation.

Are pets allowed on private jet charters?

Embrace the luxury of private aviation with your furry companions. We welcome pets on our private jet charters to ensure a complete travel experience.

What safety measures are in place for private jet travel?

Safety is paramount in our private aviation consulting. We adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring experienced pilots, meticulously maintained aircraft, and rigorous safety protocols.

Do private jet charter companies offer concierge services for ground transportation and accommodations?

Our jet concierge services extend beyond the skies. We handle every detail, from private flight booking to ground transportation and accommodations, ensuring a seamless journey.

What's the experience like compared to commercial airlines?

Our luxury travel experiences redefine air travel. Escape the commercial airline experience, relishing privacy, convenience, and the ultimate VIP treatment.

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