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Airbus ACJ 319

The Airbus Corporate Jet represents the ultimate in comfort and luxury and is one of the largest VIP jets available for charter.

The aircraft seats 19 passengers in a VIP configuration comfortably and has a bedroom with en-suite facilities for the principal passenger. It offers the widest and tallest cabin in its class. The cabin can contain bedrooms, dining areas and lounges depending on the individual aircraft's configuration


The ACJ can fly non-stop on routes such as London to Abu Dhabi or New York to Geneva. The ACJ319 is truly a top-of-the-range jet, perfectly suited to large parties wishing to undertake long journeys in optimum luxury and comfort.

18 - 44 Passengers

Multiple Flight Attendants



Hot Food

Varies depending configuration

Max Range 9 Hours 

Cabin Height 2.22m / 7.3 ft

Cabin Width 3.72m / 12.2 ft

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