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Nextant Aerospace 400 XTI

Nextant Aerospace re-manufactures the Hawker Beechcraft 400 series, significantly upgrading the popular light jet. The Nextant 400XTI features new engines that greatly improve fuel efficiency, new cockpit technology, increased range, and a new cabin interior with reduced noise.

Typical seating configuration features seven seats: a club layout for four guests and a three-seater divan. The new shell interior adds extra headroom and space at the shoulder level for a greater sense of comfort.


Besides that the new engines are a lot more fuel efficient they also decrease the noise level, making the Nextant 400XTi the quietest aircraft in its class thus providing a smoother flight experience.


Our clients that book this airplane usualy are looking for more comfort in the Light Catagory airplanes. 

6-7 Passengers

0 Flight Attendants



Cold Food

6 Small soft sided bags

Max Range 2.5 Hours 

Cabin Height 1.46m / 4.8 ft

Cabin Width 1.49m / 4.9 ft

Nextnt 400XTI
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