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Cessna Citation XLS+

The Citation XLS+ is derived from the Citation Excel, and can go faster and further than the smaller Citation versions.

Its spacious cabin welcomes eight passengers on six high-quality, fully reclining leather seats and a two-person divan. Being able to land at challenging airports and use short runways, the XLS+ allows travellers to touch down as close to their final destination as possible and represents a popular choice for short-haul flights.

Our clients like to use this Jet their european or us continental flights when they need the extra range and space offering great comfort to smaller groups.

8 Passengers

0 Flight Attendants



Cold Food

8-10 Medium soft sided bags

Max Range 4 Hours 

Cabin Height 1.74m / 5.7 ft

Cabin Width 1.68m / 5.5 ft

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