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Cessna Citation CJ4

The Citation CJ4 is the largest and newest member of the CJ family and has become popular in Europe due to its excellent lengthened interior. Its spacious cabin comfortably welcomes up to eight passengers. 

Being able to land at challenging airports and use short runways, the CJ4 allows travellers to touch down as close to their final destination as possible and represents a popular choice for short-haul flights.

Our clients like to use this Jet their european or us continental flights when they need the extra range and space offering great comfort to smaller groups.

7 - 8 Passengers

0 Flight Attendants



Cold Food

6-8 Small/Medium soft sided bags

Max Range 3.5 Hours 

Cabin Height 1.49m / 4.9 ft

Cabin Width 1.52m / 5 ft

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