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Gulfstream G450

The Gulfstream G450 is a long-range and modern twin-engine business jet that can accommodate up to 14 passengers in luxurious surroundings.

The G450’s spacious cabin can be configured to seat up to 16 passengers or sleep 6, but typically carries 14 on a mix of single and double leather seats and a four-person divan. Some models are fitted with an ‘Elite Interior’, which allows passengers to adjust the lighting and temperature, view flight information and call the attendant to their specific seat.

Gulfstream’s large, oval signature windows flood the cabin with natural light and are positioned so you can see the world below from the comfort of your seat. The G450 demonstrated its speed in 2005, setting a city-pair record at that time by flying from Washington DC to Luton, England, in six hours and 12 minutes at an average speed of Mach 0.85.

13 Passengers

1 Flight Attendant



Hot Food

20 - 25 assorted sized bags

Max Range 8.5 Hours 

Cabin Height 1.89m / 6.2 ft

Cabin Width 2.35m / 7.7 ft

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