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Embraer Legacy 650

The Legacy 650 is a newer model of the Legacy 600 with an extended range of 3,900 nm and increased baggage capacity. With a large baggage capacity, long range and space for up to 13 passengers, the Embraer Legacy 650 is the ideal charter option for large groups travelling across the Atlantic or from Europe to the Middle East.

The spacious Embraer Legacy 650 typically features 10 passenger seats and a three-seat divan spread across three cabin zones. Seats can be fully reclined to create four single beds and one double bed. There’s also a fully equipped galley and a large lavatory.

The Embraer 650 is renowned for its large baggage hold and three-zone cabin, making it a popular choice for large groups like bands who travel with a lot of luggage. The aircraft is capable of non-stop flights from London to New York, Paris to Dubai, and Sydney to Singapore.

13 Passengers

1 Flight Attendant



Hot Food

25 assorted sized bags

Max Range 8.5 Hours 

Cabin Height 1.83m / 6 ft

Cabin Width 2.10m / 6.9 ft

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