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Cessna Citation Mustang

The Cessna Citation Mustang is a Compact Jet that was launched in 2002 and flew for the first time on 23 April 2005. Since then, over 475 of these extremely popular jets have been produced and delivered to operators and Embraer and Honda have both reacted and launched competing Compact Jets. Although these are marginally larger than the Mustang, its cabin is still comfortable and seats 4 passengers.

The Citation Mustang is the smallest of the Citations produced, slightly larger than the Eclipse and slightly smaller than the CJ1. The cozy interior features six large oval windows which deliver spectacular views and abundant natural light.


This Jet offers an excellent value for money and is perfect for short fligths.

4 Passengers

0 Flight Attendants



Cold Food

5 Small/Medium soft sided bags

Max Range 2.5 Hours 

Cabin Height 1.37m / 4.6 ft

Cabin Width 1.40m / 4.7 ft

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