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Group Charter Solutions


Jetvice specializes in providing bespoke group charter experiences, offering seamless travel solutions for VIPs, sports teams, corporate groups, and large-scale travel agent bookings.


Our commitment to flexibility, luxury, and punctuality ensures that whether you're flying a team to their next big game or orchestrating flights for thousands, we deliver a personalized, high-quality travel experience.

PSG VIP travel
Airline cabin

Our fleet is equipped to cater to the diverse needs of group travel, from executive jets for corporate retreats to larger aircraft capable of transporting thousands of passengers for major events. We understand the unique requirements of VIP and sports team charters, providing privacy, comfort, and space for both relaxation and strategy discussions.

Travel agents organizing group flights will find a reliable partner in Jetvice. We offer tailored services that accommodate the complexities of large group logistics, ensuring a smooth, stress-free journey from start to finish.

For group charter services that promise to elevate your travel experience, Jetvice is your premier choice. We are available 24/7 to manage your specialized travel requests with the utmost attention to detail.


Contact us at for expertly coordinated flights that cater to your group's specific needs—because exceptional journeys begin with exceptional planning.

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