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Top 5 Private Jet Snow Destinations

Our top 5 private jet snow destinations arrive just in time this year to tempt our adventure seekers. There’s much more to white slopes and fast drops on our list. With our suggestions of luxurious and exclusive services, you’ll have a lovely time even in sub-zero temperatures.

We take you out to some of the finest snow destination hotels, local cuisine, and activities awaiting across these pristine white landscapes. It’s time to grab your coat and skis – or snowboard – because this time around, we’ll be flying you to chilling spots.

Luxury snow destinations

When planning a holiday or a quick international business trip, we often imagine the place we’re headed to beforehand. We invite you to imagine the following: from afar, the tall mountains and hills take over the horizon. Covered in white, they are as unreal as something out of a painting. As you get closer, the thermal sensation drops, and you begin understanding the magic within.

Snow is particularly special. It’s not just about the scenery or even the actual temperature, which can be both relaxing and therapeutic. It’s mostly about a set of ingredients only these locations can offer. But where should you stay? Is it always possible to find a 5-star service in places that face such particular challenges? Our short answer is yes, and we’ll let you in on a few wonders you shouldn’t miss.

One of our favourites includes a private chalet with a cosy fireplace. It is the ultimate romantic/relaxing getaway and one sure to please all of those travelling. How about a grand weather-defying hotel rising above the ice? Not just any hotel, but one that delivers the utmost excellence as you’d expect in the most luxurious snow destinations worldwide.

Over these cold hills, you get to taste unique dishes, play snow sports, and relax in a heated pool. There’s much to be excited about as we take you across some timeless classics and a novelty or two. If you’re wondering whether planes can fly in the snow, we have a fantastic article on that topic. In the meantime, fasten your seat belt, as these private jet snow destinations will be as fun as unforgettable.

The French Alps – A Classic Snow Destination

This place undoubtedly inhabits the dreams of every traveller. Well known for its modern ski resorts in contrast with old villages and rustic buildings. It’s no wonder this particular area is a destination for thousands of tourists annually.

You have probably heard of Courchevel, a ski resort that is part of Les Trois Vallées (The Three Valleys). It is said to be the largest interconnected ski area in the world. Courchevel is divided into four resorts, each at a different height. All have excellent facilities and 5-star services, with Chourchevel 1850 sitting at the highest point. As you’d expect, it’s also the most luxurious, exclusive of all four, and frequently visited by royalty and celebrities.

The architecture of the place is simply enchanting. All these hotels look magical, as if they were out of one of Harry Potter’s stories. The gastronomy is nothing short of spectacular, guaranteed by the Michelin stars that praise its restaurants.

Don’t assume that the remote nature of this location will leave you without any shopping options. On the contrary. Several shopping malls and stores accompany the resorts. Amongst these are renowned brands such as Chanel, Prada, Moncler, Louis Vuitton, and Dior.

A Family Snow Trip to France

Are you dreaming of travelling with your family without worrying about your children all the time? You should know that the place also has an area totally dedicated to them – children and teenagers. There are rooms with video games, board games, movie theatres, and swimming pools. All prepared to attend to even the most demanding child under constant supervision of highly-trained staff.

Exclusivity and luxury are the name of the game. A new hotel concept was created here, appropriately named “The Palace”. Translated, it would be the closest thing to a 6-star hotel we’ve ever seen outside Dubai. However, if we think we are exaggerating, nothing like taking the Forbes Travel Guide‘s word on it.

Switzerland – Irresistible White Coatings

There’s much ease and convenience associated with flying by private jet. You may leave France and arrive in neighbouring Switzerland in only an hour or less. The country is undoubtedly one of the best options for a luxurious snow tour of Europe, with charming and exquisite cities to discover.

Our destination is now in the Swiss Alps, part of a mountain range that stretches from Southern Europe to Central Europe. Its peaks reach up to 4,000 meters in height, and these are naturally great news for those wishing to travel to the snow this year. It is also here that we can find some of the best snow destinations, such as St. Moritz and Zermatt.

The Exclusive Charm of St. Moritz

It’s no surprise St. Mortiz is one of Switzerland’s main tourist attractions. It is well known for hosting snow competitions and already served as centre stage for two Winter Olympics. It is by many considered one of the most receptive places in the world, with a unique sense of hospitality.

Here, you’ll find many high-quality hotels and VIP services. After all, it is also a destination for celebrities, millionaires and tycoons. Besides fine dining restaurants, there are always inviting SPA services, private instructors for ski classes, private butlers and concierges at your disposal.

The adventurous will find the appeal of trips amongst mountains and lakes. The lake itself, which shares its name with the town, looks like something out of a movie set. It freezes completely during the Winter, turning it into a battleground for games, including horseback snow polo. In the summer, the white landscape gives way to vivid green, with the lake completely thawed out, allowing for diving, sailing and utterly relaxing times.

Zermatt: A Place of Magical Villages Buried in the Snow

Not far from there is Zermatt, which we would highly recommend a visit. This village lies at the foot of Matterhorn, considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. The local structure is carefully planned to make the on-site experience unique. As an example, you’ll find no cars in Zermatt. Most of the walks are done on foot, depending on the snow’s depth. If you want a differentiated tour, renting carriages that work as a kind of taxi is possible. Peculiar, fantastic, and unforgettable, in our opinion.

And, of course, if you are looking for luxury snow destinations, Zermatt is right down your alley. Here, we find Michelin-star restaurants, such as the beautiful Alpine Gourmet Prato Borni or The Omnia, where gastronomical dreams come true.

In the former, the rustic wooden ambience is enhanced by chandelier lighting. It allows the customer to pick between two types of dishes: “Heimat” home-made dishes, and “Fernweh”, dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world. The second, however, is a modern classic with a clean and elegant look. Its focus is on preparing classic dishes with strong use of fresh produce.

A Quick Luxury Shopping Spree in the Snow

And since we are in Switzerland, how about getting to know one of the country’s trademarks? In Zermatt, you can find the best luxury watch stores. After all, the charm of a Swiss watch seems to make even more sense in loco. We suggest paying a visit to Hublot and Bucherer and materializing these fine memories in the form of a wristwatch masterpiece.

Aspen, Colorado – American Wonderland

Let us change continents and visit the city of Aspen in the United States. Popular amongst Americans, it has enough arguments to conquer anyone, anywhere, as you set camp for the winter. To begin with, there’s a great advantage for those after a private jet to snow destinations: an airport only 15 minutes away. There’s no time to waste, the reason why many of our private jet customers enjoy the convenience of being able to ski in less than half an hour after landing.

Aspen is a small and cosy town, yet extremely popular when it comes to snow sports. Four distinct areas are reserved for skiing and snowboarding, with chairlifts to get to the top of the mountain. Instructors provide private training for all levels, including children. It is said that even the snow in the region is some of the best in the world, soft and fluffy, thanks to its unique climate conditions.

Aspen Luxury Hotels for Snow Lovers

The region offers several hotels with top-of-the-line services. It’s important to enjoy a holiday in the snow in great style, including great views but also excellent commodities. Aspen is the preferred snow destination for wealthy Americans, so there’s plenty to pick from. We share three suggestions with certified excellence and quality for your consideration.


The Little Nell is a 5-star hotel in Aspen with a very peculiar format, with each room having a unique shape. With 92 rooms, all with fireplaces, its charm lies in offering an intimate service yet benefiting from maximum hospitality.

The staff members refer to customers by their names from the very first moment, adding to the familiar feeling. But let us mention its restaurant. It is undoubtedly the best cuisine in Aspen, where you can’t miss the crab ravioli. With a wide selection of wines that go beyond the 20,000 bottles, it might be the perfect stay for a long snow holiday.


The St. Regis Aspen Resort in Aspen is also a famous luxury snow destination worldwide in its own right. It is located at the foot of the mountain, with large windows that allow you to absorb all the energy of the pristine surrounding nature.

All the care taken to equip the rooms with top-of-the-line furniture designed by Ralph Lauren is worth mentioning. The hotel gets it right in its luxurious structure, very sober and without exaggeration. There is a 24-hour butler service, a SPA, guided tours, heated pools, and a restaurant eager for an evening visit. Here, you can enjoy live music and many cocktails.


The Hotel Jerome, Auberge Resorts Collection, is more than just a hotel: it is living history. Its construction dates back to 1889, and it is considered a region’s pioneer. You can find fragments of this history throughout the hotel through old bricks, paintings, tapestries, and light fixtures.

In the mid-1950s, the hotel became so popular that it constantly attracted big celebrities, such as John Wayne and Gary Cooper. Naturally, a lot has changed since then. The hotel has undergone several modernizations and now offers all the VIP services expected of a 5-star hotel: multilingual staff, day-care or babysitting service, hydro massage, SPA, and more.

Since Aspen offers so many great choices for those seeking the best snow destinations in the world, any of the previous three options will cater to even the most demanding visitors.

Canada – Adventure and Vastness of Choice

One of the best private jet snow destinations, Canada, is gigantic in dimension and diversity. Much of its territory is under constant sub-zero temperatures, an effect called permafrost, with temperatures reaching -40º. As you might expect, such a climate provides the perfect environment for a snow vacation.

Don’t miss Whistler, which has the largest ski area in North America. The village that is home to hotels, bars and stores is situated right at the foot of the mountain. It is a breathtaking landscape of the likes only Canada can offer.

Gondolas allow you to go directly from the village to the top of the mountain for skiing or sightseeing. This unique transport system even allows you to reach the top of the next mountain, Blackcomb. It is also considered the longest gondola ride in the world, peak-to-peak. With more than 4 km (2 miles), it offers the opportunity to contemplate the exuberance of local nature with unparalleled views.

Adrenaline Winter Holidays at Reach

For adrenaline lovers, Whistler provides much more than just skiing and snowboarding. For those experienced in the sport, it is possible to do heli-skiing in Canada, a modality where a helicopter takes the skier straight to the top of the mountain. Here, you’re dropped at points the chairlift cannot reach and which would not be easy to access otherwise. Another high-speed, thrilling sport is bobsledding. Whistler has the fastest bobsled track in the world. It is possible to race up to 4 people at a time, reaching over 120 km/h (75/mph).

After such excitement, it’s time to rest and indulge in a treatment worthy of a king. We suggest staying at the Fairmont Chateau. This impeccable hotel allows you to momentarily escape the harsh climate while transporting yourself to an atmosphere of refinement and luxury.

The grand hotel, with its 519 rooms, offers its own guide service, with daily tours every day of the week. Should you require babysitting, SPA, saunas, and even yoga classes to relax your body after such adventures. For romantic travellers, it’s a perfect date scenario. The hotel celebrates weddings, anniversaries, and other gatherings in great style, in a location unlike any other.

New Zealand – Beyond the White Horizon

This island country to the southeast of Australia is a popular destination for those looking for something completely out of the box. Due to its geographical isolation, thousands of kilometres away from other countries, the country offers unique fauna and flora. Add to it a lively and colourful culture and great places to take a luxury tour in snowy areas. All these ingredients result in the perfect snow destination.

Such areas are concentrated in the country’s south island, where we find the alps and massive glaciers. In fact, New Zealand has a dozen memorable destinations, and only through the ease and convenience of flying a private jet is it possible to visit them all in a few days.

Our first stop is the Whare Kea Lodge, a very exclusive lodge beside Lake Wanaka that accommodates up to 12 guests. Here you find the place to relax and prepare for the fun days ahead. Highlights include the hot tub outside, with a direct view of the picturesque frozen New Zealand mountains.

An airstrip next door allows direct take-offs to important points, including the hotel’s derivative chalet, which is high up on the mountain with only two rooms, standing over 1,700 meters high.

Another great option is to go straight from Queenstown airport and take a helicopter to the phenomenal Blanket Bay, a 5-star hotel popular among celebrities worldwide. Its amenities are unparalleled, whether in suites or chalets, able to house the whole family. The guide service guarantees to experience the best of the region, whether it is skiing on the top of the mountain, horseback riding, glacier tours and climbing, and much more.

Hiring a top-class service to luxury snow destinations

Plan your trip with someone who understands best our customers’ snow destination requirements. Over the years, we developed the necessary experience to bring you the ultimate private jet snow destinations. Contact our team today and obtain your free quote to any of these exclusive destinations – or one of your own picking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We prepared a few answers to commonly asked questions related to private jets, specifically those wishing to fly a private jet to a snow destination. If you still have any questions regarding this or any other matter, don’t hesitate to contact our team, available 24/7.

Why take a private jet to snow destinations?

Convenience and flexibility. Travelling by private jet is the best way to visit snow locations worldwide which work around your schedule. Add personalized service and superior comfort with the support of a specialized team, and travelling takes a whole new dimension

Do I need a passport to fly in private jets?

Yes. There is no difference between private and commercial flights when it comes to this point. Even when flying on a private jet, you should have your passport and present it to the immigration service. If you’re travelling to a destination that requires a specific visa, ensure you have all relevant documents.

Are private jet flights safe for snow destinations?

Yes, they are. Top companies have a very high standard of qualification and training. Their aircraft are certified and are under constant maintenance to ensure flawless flights. All pilots are qualified to operate in the specific airfields you wish to include in your itinerary, and a zero-risk policy is always in place.

What is the passenger capacity of private jets?

You will find jets that cater to all needs. Most popular private jet options carry 6 to 8 passengers, with some models reaching up to 14 seats. Again, flexibility is the name of the game, and we can help you pick the right aircraft for your specific needs.

Do I need snow equipment?

It is most welcome if you have your own equipment and wish to bring it along. If not, this equipment can be easily provided and rented at your destination. You can rest assured that private jet operators are used to looking after skiing, snowboarding and other snow sports equipment.


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