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Top 10 Winter Destinations

Our top 10 winter destinations are not only for enthusiasts of cold weather. Ironically, there is something heartwarming about a trip to countries where the winter season is one of the major tourist attractions. Playing in the snow, adventures in ice sports, discovering the cuisine of these regions or relaxing in heated baths amidst the freezing winds become irresistible here. Over the next few lines, we’ll dip our feet into the snow and explain why some of these places should soon become part of your itinerary.

Winter is Coming

The famous catchphrase from one of the greatest TV series of all time is not spoiled here. It propels a constant thought for those who like to travel around the world while discovering the best life has to offer.

While many have never had the opportunity to fluff their bodies in the snow, there is no time like now. Others seek to escape from rainy periods to milder winters, where the drier atmosphere offers beauty and adventure opportunities even though colder. Some people just can’t help to love cold places, such as those who never miss the opportunity to spend their vacations in the Alps. Whatever your profile, there is certainly a perfect place for you.

Here you will find the best winter destinations around the globe. Whether you wish to rest, play sports in the snow, or enjoy breathtaking scenery, we are sure that you will find a strong connection to at least one of these locations. We have compiled a list of the ten best places around the world where the magic is real, just for you.

#10. Hokkaido, Japan – The Place for Hot Bath Lovers

Hokkaido is a beautiful island in northern Japan and is well known for its winter festivals. Many people don’t realize it beforehand, but the region’s cold season is surprisingly harsh. You will find plenty of snow here, along with frozen rivers and lakes. No wonder the Winter Olympics took place here in 1972, with a bid for 2030 on the horizon.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is bathing in the Onsen, the Japanese hot springs. These waters are said to have unique and revitalizing qualities. The tradition is so strong in the region that some bathing areas are entirely open to the public. You can even find shrines where the Japanese monkeys dominate the pools. We suggest considering some of the magnificent hotels in the region where you can mix that winter feeling with a luxurious and comfortable indoor experience.

If you’re after some adventure, you’re in the right place. All surrounding locations allow easy access to everything you need for your trip: the best restaurants, boutique shops, ski and snowboard areas, and much more.

#9. Big Sky Montana, United States – The Lone Mountain

Are you looking for a less crowded winter destination? Here you can relax and forget about the rest of the world, as Big Sky in Montana has enough credits to top your winter wishlist soon.

Big Sky offers everything that the finest winter resorts can offer. There’s no shortage of exclusive ski spots, fantastic scenery, plenty of contact with nature, and many adventures. But we can also say it provides unique experiences linked to its culture and residents. For example, you will find a country town atmosphere in the village of Meadow.

There are fairs with handicrafts, local cuisine, and cultural events. The residents have a strong connection to animals. We found several farms where it is possible to have contact with horses and alpacas. More than one of our top 10 winter destinations, it has a unique aura.

There are many top-of-the-line service hotels to choose where to stay. The Montage hotel offers 100 rooms and suites to suit all tastes, with fantastic views of the Spanish Peaks. Its combination of refinement and modern design delights its visitors, who guarantee it is one of the best winter accommodations worldwide.

#8. Marrakech, Morroco – The Daughter of the Desert

Winter is not all about snow. In fact, some people, especially those who already live in cold countries, may like to spend the winter in an area with a milder climate. Morroco is a fabulous destination in this sense to take an exclusive trip with the help of a private jet. You can avoid the big crowds by being in the off-season and enjoying a pleasant climate.

Surprisingly, there will also be snow waiting for you, only if on the distant mountain tops.

Marrakech is an excellent choice for our top 10 winter destinations. Ideal for those who like to experience new cultures and try different spices and flavours in the kitchen. You can visit historical sites not seen in Europe or the Americas here. Winter is the perfect time to spend hours in open-air markets or take walks in the desert. These activities tend to be exhausting in the summer due to the intense northern African heat.

And for those who do not know the region, rest assured that luxury awaits you here. Large hotel chains realize the enormous tourist potential of the country and are established in the area, ready to welcome you and guarantee kingly days. We suggest considering a VIP tour of the desert, schedule allowing.

#7. Lapland, Finland – Home to the Magic of Christmas

How about visiting Santa Claus yourself? We’re not joking: Lapland is considered the real home of Santa Claus. In the far north of Finland, the region offers unique experiences for its visitors. You have likely heard of the Aurora Borealis. This very peculiar phenomenon that tints the sky with green waves can be spectacularly enjoyed in the region.

If you are looking for refinement and sophistication in the middle of nature this winter, the Haawe Boutique Apart Hotel is a fabulous choice. The hotel is very well located, just 15 minutes by car from Rovaniemi airport, and is surrounded by the region’s best restaurants and local stores. There are 14 different rooms, with names inspired by the Sami culture, the region’s original people.

Those who enjoy deeper contact with nature, a foot in the snow and being surrounded by wildlife can opt for the L7 Luxury Lodge. The lodge is a large rustic cabin, but without leaving aside all the comforts and amenities of the most modern hotels. It is a 50-minute drive from Kittilä International Airport and only 10 minutes from Äkäslompolo village.

It’s no wonder this is one of the best top 10 winter destinations on our list. Don’t say you’ve heard it from us, but Lapland is also the right place for reindeer sleigh riding. We’d be wary of any with a red nose, just in case…

#6. Galapagos, Ecuador – Wildlife that Inspires

Another place for those looking for winter-sun destinations away from the cold and the rain. After all, winter may be coming, but not necessarily to freeze us whole. The Galapagos Archipelago is considered a paradise on earth, even in the winter season. The region enjoys mostly sunny weather all year round, with almost no rain.

The region comprises a group of 18 islands on the Eastern Pacific ocean, approximately 973 km (600 miles) off the South American coast. And if you think that this distance might make your trip difficult, don’t worry. Although it is still 97% wilderness, Galapagos has two airports that are easily accessible by private jet, offering you direct access to its wonders.

The best thing about enjoying Galapagos in winter is visiting beaches and natural parks without worrying about the cold. Take guided tours to get to know the local terrestrial or marine wildlife. The exotic and peculiar animals of the region are considered responsible for helping Charles Darwin elaborate his famous On the Origin of Species or Theory of Evolution. Don’t miss out on boat trips, jet-skiing, snorkeling, and swimming along with sea turtles.

Spend your nights in splendid hotels like the Royal Palm or Angermeyer Waterfront Inn, and try culinary delights from the sea at the Finch Bay restaurant. You’ll feel a world apart; that alone is a great argument to include in our top 10 winter destinations.

#5. Bled, Slovenia – The Most Beautiful Postcard Landscape

Sheltered by the magnificent Julian Alps, the charming town of Bled in Slovenia has begun to feature in travel guides around the world recently. The city looks enchanting, with its beautiful lake, castles, and churches. The small island in the lake’s centre, with the charming Pilgrimage Church of Assumption of Maria, stands out.

Winter hits the region particularly hard between the months of December and January, when everything is covered in snow. It is a perfect time for those who want to practise snow sports away from the big tourist centres, which get crowded at this time. Take advantage of Christmas shopping, with many stores specializing in articles of this time of year.

The nearest airport to Bled is 36 km (22 miles) away, in Brnik. For this reason, the best way to reach this fantastic winter destination is to travel by private jet. This way, you can leave the aircraft, go straight to a private car waiting for your arrival, and travel comfortably to the city without worrying about the distance or the journey.

Upon arrival, how about staying in a former presidential residence? Vila Bled Hotel is one of the most traditional hotels in the region, right next to the lake. The hotel offers a lot of exclusivities, with a fantastic view, haute cuisine, a spa, and various other services of the highest quality.

#4. Tirol, Austria – The Land of the Alps

Tirol is a state graced by the majestic presence of the Hohe Munde mountain, a peak over 2500 meters high. The place is well suited for those with a more adventurous spirit who enjoy hiking, climbing, and cross-country ski trails.

There are several sights and great locations in Tirol, and we can suggest the capital Innsbruck and the city of Telfs. The former, where the airport is located, offers a larger urban centre with more attractions and vibrant nightlife. Telfs, on the other hand, is better for those who want peace and quiet, perfect for closer contact with nature. Both offer easy access for adventures over the alps, sports, walks, and contemplation of incredible landscapes.

In the Austrian alps, you can stay at the Interalpen-hotel Tirol. Situated on the high plateau of Seefeld, at more than 1,300 meters (4,265 ft.) high, the hotel offers 5-star service, luxurious rooms, sophisticated cuisine, and the utmost comfort. Your stay guarantees unforgettable days in one of the world’s top 10 winter destinations.

#3. Copenhagen, Denmark – The Happiest City in the World

This is a winter destination for those who enjoy larger urban centres. Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital and the city with the largest population density. The former Viking fishing village is now a tourist city that has much to offer its visitors in the winter season.

The city invites us to experience the “hygge” concept, a local motto about enjoying life, leaving all worries aside and just living the moment. And without a doubt, one of the best ways to be hygge is to enjoy the best Danish cuisine, which is seasonally adapted to suit the climate.

It is worth mentioning that Copenhagen’s gastronomy is a highlight in itself. The region is a champion of Michelin-starred restaurants, with more renowned places than any other city among the Nordic nations. You can find some of the best restaurants in Copenhagen online and easily enjoy some of the best local cuisines.

Many private jet customers opt for the Scandinavian nations all year-round thanks to its breathtaking views and cultural heritage. As a result, it’s no wonder it’s one of our top 10 winter destinations. There isn’t a perfect time of the year to visit Denmark since its beauty remains its biggest asset throughout the seasons.

#2. Banff, Canada – An Endless Outdoor Adventure

Banff is a true jewel of nature, located 140 km (87 miles) from the international airport of Calgary, in southwestern Canada. The park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984 and is undoubtedly one of the best winter destinations in the world.

Banff offers a multitude of outdoor activities. Among the classic ski tours or snowboarding, there are also sleigh rides, dog sledging, hikes and numerous sightseeing spots. There are also hot springs where you can enjoy the warm water while watching the snowflakes fall.

The hotel industry is solid in the region. Five-star hotels await you with state-of-the-art accommodations that look like they were built for kings and queens. There are those shaped like luxurious lodges, with a more rustic air but no less sophisticated.

However, the real attraction is the immense outdoors, unspoiled locations and majestic views. With so much to take in, the best way to truly enjoy it is to book an extended stay and hire a local guide to show you the unique fauna and flora that bring Banff to life.

#1. Gstaad, Switzerland – Unparalleled Luxury

One of the most exclusive and luxurious places in the world to take a winter trip by private jet is Gstaad, Switzerland. Within the Swiss Alps, in the Bernese Oberland region, the city attracts artists and millionaires in search of the world’s most excellent service and amenities.

Outside, the city seems to maintain a rustic, almost medieval tone. Some buildings are actually castles! But indoors we have a modern structure, with rich and elegant design. There is no lack of options for renowned restaurants, famous stores and first-class hotels. If you’re looking for the best hotel in Switzerland, the Alpina Gstaad may be the answer.

Here you’re as likely to rub shoulders with a celebrity billionaire as you are to find a whole slope of snow for yourself. Its uniqueness is surely reason enough to make it feature on the main position of our top 10 winter destinations.

Time to Book Your Winter Holiday

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; There is no time like now. Our team is already taking several inquiries for some of these exclusive winter destinations. It’s no wonder that this year’s winter provides a unique chance to go back into the world and enjoy the best life has to offer.

We suggest hiring the best private jet service to make it happen today while preparing for the winter of your dreams. Contact us for your free private jet charter travel quote, and let us take you on this season’s adventure you’ve been waiting for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question regarding our top 10 winter destinations? We compiled some of the most common queries regarding our topic. Consult them in further detail in the following few lines, and if you have any further questions, our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Is it easy to travel in the winter?

Yes. The winter season usually finds several challenges, but we’d say commercial flying sees more of those. Flying a private jet during the winter is yet another proof of how convenience and flexibility can make a great case against the colder weather.

Can cold weather delay my flight?

Yes, it can. Extreme cold weather conditions, such as blizzards and strong winds, can cause a shift in the flight schedule. One of the significant advantages of flying on a private jet is having a specialized team to take care of these cases on the spot. Flying to and from smaller airfields also helps ensure your comfort if you need to delay your departure.

How cold are these top 10 winter destinations?

Our guide has several suggestions for the winter season, even with some sunny places. But always be aware of your destination, planning the coats well according to the location. High regions like the Alps or the Northern region of Finland (Lapland) see extremely negative temperatures, where only specialized clothing should be worn.

Is it ridiculous to pack my swimwear and flip-flops?

Not necessarily, as even some of these cold destinations have a good use for those. Many offer hot baths where these items can be used indoors and outdoors, such as Hokkaido in Japan. But don’t worry if you leave them behind, as there is always the possibility of purchasing these items at local stores.

Can I drive the car myself, even in the snow?

Yes, but only if necessary. Every car provided will be appropriately adapted to the local terrain conditions, but you don’t have to worry about driving it. We suggest hiring a local private driver who can ensure your trip’s comfort and all the privacy you need. So you don’t have to worry about the road, and you can enjoy the scenery.


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