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Tailor made Advice


When considering the sale of single or multiple aircraft please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to talk through your project in confidence.  We can also provide a no cost valuation of your aircraft and present you with a thorough overview similar models for sale on the global market.  This will provide you with practical advice directly relevant to the sale of your aircraft.  We have a global network of aviation contacts who we buy and sell aircraft through regularly.  Should you wish to keep the sale of your aircraft confidential we can sell just as effectively off market, protecting your privacy while still delivering on price requirements.


As with our sales service, we welcome the opportunity to speak in confidence with clients who may be considering a single or multiple aircraft purchase.  While our expertise is invaluable to those selling aircraft, it is an absolutely vital resource for clients who may be considering a purchase. By securing expert advice in advance, clients have the opportunity to avoid expensive errors in planning that can lead to a burdensome experience of aircraft ownership.  At Mach we have always ensured our team possess a high level of engineering and piloting expertise.  This is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure we provide our clients with independent advice that is based on real knowledge of performance and suitability of aircraft.
Our expertise will ensure every detail of your transaction is examined and executed with an accuracy that is specific to your requirement.  Mission analysis, aircraft maintenance history, maintenance support for specific aircraft types in our clients region, evaluation of regulatory implications, actual aircraft valuations and lien searches are all thoroughly examined. Our team are also highly skilled negotiators and have delivered very impressive savings for our existing clients dealing direct with manufacturers and with private vendors.

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